Posted by: whatisworld | December 1, 2010

The ground rules…

I started reading today on a website about how to write a blog. I’ve never done this before. They were giving all kinds of suggestions on topics to write on, and focuses to categorize the blogger’s style. I read through a bunch of categories and different suggestions. But somehow, what I wanted to do with this blog wasn’t in there. It never is. Pretty much everything I want to do is never in a list of suggestions. I’d like to know why that is. The suggestion that came closest, I guess was ‘Personal Beliefs.’

This might get weird, but let’s get to know each other. Let me tell you what I hope to accomplish with this thing on here. The first thing I thought of was focus, followed by honesty, which was followed by a subtle fear of objectifying any readers.

Focus…a lot of the writing in here is going to be about finding a focus. Not mine. Not yours. But ours. It’s a really interesting term. And it can be an even more fearful action, when referenced on a larger scale.

Honesty…I am doing this because I would like to be honest with myself, and I want to be honest with anyone who reads this. I’m honest with myself for the most part. But it’s a different ballgame when you put it on paper before a bunch of other people read it, and tell yourself, ‘so that’s what I was thinking.’ Oh yeah…it’ll get personal, but you might like it. You might like it a lot.

And the fear issue…I didn’t start a blog because I want to make money writing a blog. I don’t hope to get famous by starting a blog. I am very aware of people who output their creative content into the world, and do so because they really want people to bow down to their mighty words, and heed them and be glorified. I am not one of those people. I’d like to level the playing field and tell you that we are quite possibly in the same boat. I’m not an expert on these topics, and I am sharing my observations because I hope that some of you will share yours with me. Consider this portion of cyber space a more comfortable version of a class you sat in and the teacher said ‘feel comfortable to chime in, we’re all friends here.’ Let’s get started…


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